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The Poison Apple Placemat

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Protective melamine coating

Size: 28cm Diameter
Material: Eucalyptus, cork 
Digital print & backed in black baize
Matt Finish 
Heat-resistance to 140˚C
Made in UK
The Poison Apple

The apple was hanging from the tree in the orchard within the walled gardens of the castle grounds. It was the juiciest looking apple in the orchard, a ruby red with crystal droplets of dew water rolling off it.
One early autumn morning Ruby awoke, she was hungry, breakfast wasn't for another few hours so she tip toed out into the orchard. The morning was misty and still, the songbirds sung as she noticed the rosey red apple glimmering in the sea of apples. Her mouth watering "breakfast" she thought and she proceed towards the apple. She picked the apple from the tree it effortless fell into her hands, when all of a sudden the apple was snatched from her. Her brutish aunt had come back form her early morning hunt and was clearly hungry. Ruby's aunt grunted at Ruby, "This is my Orchard girl, I don't want you going around stealing all my apples, now shoo." she snapped. Ruby turned to leave when she saw out the corner of her eye her aunt take a monstrously big bite out the perfect apple. To her aunts disgust the apple was rotten and black to the core, maggots and flies flew out of her mouth, green mold spores stained her teeth. She coughed and spluttered the apple out her sordid mouth. She gagged and retched while Ruby trundled off with worlds smallest secret smile on her face.