Bell Hutley X Lulu Guinness 2023


apturing the magical and mystical world of Folklore in the Forbidden Forest. Baba Yagas misleading yet enticing forest is the inspiration for this collection. The beauty and the horrors that lay within the forbidden woods of the Brothers' grims tales and tempting treasures that can have a dangerous twist. We wanted to capture the light and the dark of the forest floor. We wanted the designs to be tempting to you but with a feeling of danger and excitement.
Designed a Lulu Guinness A/W23 collection inspired by Folklore of the Forest, the collection consisted of X5 bags, plus homewares accommodate. The Zip Bag sold out in the first week. The collection made into Forbes and other publications. It has been seen with Susan Bender, Jessica Clarke, Lady Amelia Windsor and more.

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Bell Hutley X Thyme Hotel 2022

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Bell Hutley X Madeleine Thompson Cashmere 2021, Forest Floor collection


he collection was a coming together of art, interiors and fashion, with a luxurious collection of large, illustrated throws, oversized cushions and cashmere jumpers and hoodies all created from Madeleine Thompson’s cashmere. The collection featured publications such as Harpers Bazaar and World of Interiors. It was launched at the Surprise London with a dinner of 25 influences and members of the press.

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2020 Bell Hutley X Alexandra Tolstoy Russian Folkore Collaboration 

Autumn / Winter 2020 Tableware Collection. A capsule tabletop collection which draws on Bell’s love of ‘dark beauty’ and Alexandra’s love of adventure and her Anglo-Russian heritage. When researching for this collection I wanted to create the feelings that I felt as a young girl when reading romantic, dark, gothic children’s books. I wanted to combine my love for these Brothers Grimm's like Slavic folklore stories with Alexandra's love for Russian culture, history and art. The inanimate relationship between Folklore and Paganism means that the stories created were filled with mythical places and characters; fairies and fairylands, cunning women and evil witches, castles and kingdoms Characters like Baba Yaya who was one of the most famous Slavic Pagan goddesses of regeneration, living in the forest which was a symbol for the crossing between life and death, and represented a sort of Mother Earth-figure. The relationship these stories and myths had with nature is key in nearly every tale. Pagan culture was known to worship and celebrate the changing of the seasons, and all the different parts of nature in the land. So for the collection I wanted to take elements from the fashion of the time, girls' frills, bows and ribbons with trimmings as well as the dark and gothic castles and combine the patterns into nature. With a big influence from Susan Meller and her collection of traditional Russian textiles and printed cloth as well as looking at Russian illustrators like Ivan Bilibin I created a collection of illustrations inspired by nature.

The collection achieved commercial success and global sales, PR in UK magazines and supplements, and the Museum of Russian Art in America placed a over 10k order. I designed placemats, coasters, hand painted toadstools, vases, napkins, table cloth, tumblers and one off embroidered table linens with Russian Volga linen. The launch gifted the likes of Cabana magazine editor Gianluca Longo.

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Bell Hutley X Mira Mikati 2021/2


or the collaboration we teamed up with Choose Love. The theme of the collection was bringing love into our homes. The collection was inspired by the colourful world of fashion designer Mira Makati’s colourful world. I designed the “Happy Table” which sold exclusively in her shop and on her website.

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