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I've been lucky enough to team up with the iconic handbag designer Lulu Guinness, together we have designed a collection of handbags and homewares.

Capturing the magical and mystical world of Folklore in the Forbidden Forest.

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Meeting Lulu last year on a late Autumn day in Stroud, for me, was a pretty profound moment. I’m lucky enough, in my work, to meet a lot of creatives but it's safe to say that I have never met anyone quite like Lulu. We found each other through instagram and realised we had similar tastes and interests. I was blown away by how her mind worked and how she saw things. She could make a masterpiece out of even the most mundane of objects. She sees the world in a different way and it has affected the way I look at things.

Our aesthetic seemed to align so she let me come up with some initial ideas. With her household name of a brand in mind as well as mine, I was drawn to folklore. In particular Baba Yaga’s forbidden forest, which is represented in different stories from different cultures from many different times in History. 

I loved how misleading yet enticing Baba Yaga's forest could be, the beauty and the horrors that lay within the forbidden woods of the Brothers' grims tales. How tempting treasures can have a dangerous twist. We wanted to capture the light and the dark of the forest floor. We wanted the designs to be tempting to you but with a feeling of danger and excitement. 

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A collaborative range of tableware, inspired by the intricate nexus of nature.

“Nature is our muse. It is a source of constant inspiration.”

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