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Icy Blue Brimstone Butterfly Coaster

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Protective melamine coating

10cm dia

Material: eucalyptus, cork 

Digital print & backed in black baize

Matt Finish 

Heat-resistance to 140˚C

Made in UK

Bell Hutley x Bertioli collection

A collaborative range of tableware, inspired by the intricate nexus of nature.

“Nature is our muse. It is a source of constant inspiration.”

This statement is true for both Bell Hutley and Caryn & Milly Hibbert, the mother & daughter duo behind Bertioli.

Nature is a careful balance, an intricate nexus of relationships between plants, fungi, insects, and animals, supporting one another in the equilibrium of life. It is also true that the wellbeing of mankind is inextricably linked to that of the natural world. In recent years, the fragility of nature has been put at the forefront of conversation, with species decline and habitat loss at the heart. One of the key concerns has been around the health of pollinators and the crucial role that they play in every ecosystem.

With this collaborative collection, we bring together the distinctive illustrations by Bell and Caryn to celebrate pollinators and highlight their relationships with both common and unique plantlife. to inspire conversation around the table and a deeper connection to nature.

“Bertioli’s mission is to consolidate the idea that in nurturing nature, we nurture ourselves.” Caryn Hibbert.

Brimstone Butterfly & Seabuckthorn - 

As well as being an iconic and beautiful part of Britain’s wildlife, butterflies are incredibly important pollinators and sensitive indicators of the health of the environment.

The butterfly that has inspired us with this collection is the spectacular Brimstone, their distinctive leaf- shaped wings a beautiful milky green on the females and a dashing bright yellow on the males. They are interesting as they are the longest lived of all British Butterflies, surviving for up to 12 months.  There are a number of plants which this butterfly needs to be successful: buckthorn for breeding, nectar plants such as wild sweet pea and runner bean for feeding, and shrubs such as holly and ivy for hibernation.

While butterfly populations across the UK are in decline, the brimstone is in fact a success story. At Thyme, we started to notice an influx of brimstone butterflies when our newly planted, native orchard hedge went in, complete with the silvery green hues of sea buckthorn. Buckthorn is essential to the breeding of brimstone butterflies, being its larval foodplant. As noted on the plant wild site, “Buckthorns are great for attracting a range of wildlife to the garden, as the pollen is useful for many insects, including bees, and the berries are a winter food source for birds.”

This pair, the Brimstone and Buckthorn, is just one example of how important specific plants are for specific butterflies, with entire species reliant on sometimes just one larval food plant.