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Barn Owl Set of 6 Placemats

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Size: 24cm by 24cm Diameter
Protective melamine coating
Material: Eucalyptus, cork 
Digital print & backed in black baize
Matt Finish 
Heat-resistance to 140˚C. 
Made in UK
A poem written for the Forest Floor collection 
Ode to the Forest Floor 
Into the woods, beneath the trees
On the forest floor she covered me
Gently shaded, glittering
Prisms of light dappled between
Tender shades of evergreen

Wisps of moss and soft wildlings
Golden leaves swayed in the breeze
Slumbering under starry veils of moons unseen
Breathing in the mysteries
Drifted over our eyes as if a dream
This love grew
and bloomed indefinitely
By Lindsay Warner 
The Forest Floor collection is inspired by the woodland which my father has created over the years.
I spent hours of my childhood here, exploring, learning and being curious; it was a place where we lived in our imaginations and walked into different worlds every day. One of my fondest memories is the plays we used to put on, whatever the weather, with my parents as the audience. We had hours and hours of fun. At night, my parents would take turns reading my siblings and I storybooks like The Secret Garden, Swallows and Amazons, Little Grey Men, Alice in Wonderland and so on.
Then, one day, we all grew up and one by one flew the nest...
In 2020, my siblings and I all came home and the pace of life changed. It was the first time in years we had time to sit and be with the woods and flowers we had spent so much time in growing up. We watched the seasons come and go, flowers bloom and decay and colours of the leaves change from shade to shade.
We ate dinners in the woods and my dad read passages from his favourite book, The Little Grey Men. 
Although I was older and my imagination not as sharp as it was when I was a little girl,  it didn't stop me from falling more and more in love with our wood.