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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Toilet Paper

Our toilet paper is made from 100% bamboo, it's super soft and eco-friendly and has natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities. Plus, it's 100% compostable, making it easy on the planet. No bleaches, scents, or dyes – just pure comfort for you and kindness for the environment. It works with sewers, septic systems, and portable waste systems, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Choose our Bamboo Toilet Paper for a gentle, green, and easy solution for your eco friendly bathroom routine.

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Bamboo toilet Paper

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1. What is bamboo toilet paper?

Bamboo toilet paper is a special kind of tissue made from bamboo fibers instead of the conventional wood pulp used in regular toilet paper. Bamboo, a fast-growing plant, serves as the primary raw material for this environmentally conscious alternative. This type of toilet paper is gaining popularity because bamboo is known for being highly sustainable, requiring less water and land to grow compared to traditional wood sources. By choosing bamboo toilet paper, individuals contribute to a more eco-friendly and renewable approach to personal hygiene, making a positive impact on the planet.

2. Why bamboo?

Bamboo stands out as our primary material for a compelling reason! It is the fastest-growing plant on earth. Unlike trees that take around 30 years to grow, bamboo reaches its full size in just 3-4 months and doesn't need replanting — it self-regenerates. Choosing bamboo means embracing a renewable resource that grows swiftly without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals. So, why bamboo? Because bamboo is a sustainable material and choice that aligns with our commitment to both quality and environmental responsibility.

3. Why choose bamboo toilet paper over regular toilet paper?

The Environmental Paper Network stated that toilet paper which is made from trees has three times the climate impact as toilet paper created using recycled materials or bamboo. Worldwide we flush away 30,000 trees a day as toilet paper, just think about how many trees are wasted on your bum!

Toilet paper is a single-use paper product, meaning there is no way for this to be recycled. The production of toilet paper is extremely wasteful as well, firstly old-growth forests are used and a large amount of water is used to prepare the pulp. On average, 140 litres of water is used for one roll. Changing to 100% sustainably harvested bamboo toilet paper, which is produced using wastewater in a closed loop system, is one of the easiest ways to save our environment. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, requires less water and land to grow, and doesn't rely on the same level of chemicals as traditional wood pulp.

4. How is agood bamboo toilet paper produced?

Our bamboo paper is produced at the bamboo paper factory using unbleached bamboo, without scents or dyes, maintaining its natural properties. Starting with bamboo pulp, we craft our toilet paper rolls with a distinct three-layer design, offering both strength and softness. Notably, we've introduced two key changes: replacing the inner roll with sustainable bamboo paper and adopting 100% plastic-free individual wrapping for each roll. Our closed-loop wastewater management minimises environmental impact, and we avoid bleach in production, reducing our carbon footprint. In essence, our bamboo toilet paper is a result of mindful, eco-friendly practices that prioritise quality and sustainability.

5. Is our bamboo toilet paper FSC certified?

Yes! Our bamboo toilet paper holds the prestigious FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. This means that the bamboo used in our products comes from responsibly managed forests, ensuring ethical and sustainable sourcing practices. So, you can feel good about choosing a product that not only meets high-quality standards but also contributes to the conservation of our precious natural resources.

6. Is our bamboo toilet paper environmentally friendly? ?

Yes, our products are 100% compostable, made from bamboo, a sustainable resource. The packaging is also eco-friendly, individually wrapped in tastefully decorated bamboo paper and packed in a recycled Kraft Paper box.

7. How many layers does each roll have, and what is the sheet count?

Each roll consists of 3 layers, providing a balance of strength and softness. There are 350 sheets per roll.

8. Is bamboo toilet paper antibacterial and hypoallergenic?

Yes, our bamboo toilet paper and kitchen roll are naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, ensuring a gentle and safe experience. The gentle touch of our bamboo toilet paper ensures a safe and irritation-free usage, making them suitable for everyone, even those with sensitive skin.

9. Is our bamboo toilet paper compostable?

Absolutely! Our bamboo toilet paper is designed to decompose naturally in water, making it a compostable and eco-friendly choice. When it's time to dispose of it, you can confidently add it to your compost or use the empty rolls for craft projects. While our product is not yet part of agood loop™, we ensure that its end-of-life options align with sustainable practices, contributing to a greener environment.

10. Is bamboo toilet paper safe for septic systems?

Yes, bamboo toilet paper is generally safe for septic systems. It breaks down easily and is less likely to cause clogs compared to some traditional toilet papers.

11. What is the social impact of purchasing agood bamboo toilet paper?

For every bamboo toilet paper or kitchen roll subscription, we provide a period kit to a woman in need through our partnership with Days for Girls, aiming to address period poverty globally. Our collective goal is to provide at least 10,000 period kits every year, contributing to the larger effort to end period poverty.

12. Do you get any additional benefits when buying our bamboo toilet paper in bulk?

Absolutely! When you opt for our bulk purchase of the bamboo toilet paper in a 48-pack, you not only enjoy the convenience of a larger quantity but also receive 6 complimentary kitchen rolls for free. It's our way of saying thank you for choosing sustainability in quantity!

13. Do we offer returns on products?

We do not offer free returns to encourage mindful consumption and environmental care. However, if there is an issue with your product, such as damage or fit, we provide a money-back guarantee for first-time purchases within 30 days of the purchase date. Please contact our customer service team to initiate the process.