Mobile cable Foundation

Giving every girl the opportunity to learn and lead

Our mobile cables are made from recycled BPA-free plastic, perfectly wrapped in a recycled nylon braid. We got rid of all the unnecessary packaging that often comes with electronics, stripping back to a reusable velcro band and shipping in a stone paper envelope.

Education is a crucial part of the fight to build a better world for future generations. It's a precious right, and something a lot of us take for granted.

Imagine if, growing up, you weren’t allowed to go to school because of your gender. This is the sad reality faced by 130 million girls around the world today.

Bright young women who want to learn and expand their horizons.

That’s why we’re working with the Malala Fund to support getting young girls the education they deserve.

Every mobile cable sold contributes directly to Malala Fund. Our goal is to provide 3 years of education for 10,000 girls!