Detailed page stationary sets

Stationery Sets

With stationery sets from A Good Company, you will have everything you need when it comes to pens and papers. We have several sets to choose from, just pick one that suits you. Stationery sets are a perfect gift to creative people, including yourself. Our stationery sets have an additional feature - they are all eco-friendly and will help our planet survive and thrive.

We have carefully selected only the best products, both for our customers and for our nature. Using our stationery gives you a luxurious feeling while at the same time the planet thanks you.

High Quality Products For Customers And Planet Alike

At A Good Company, you will find all things stone paper. This is because stone paper is an environmentally safe alternative to traditional wood-pulp paper. When producing stone paper, no water, no bleach and no trees are used, and the factory is powered by solar cells on the roof.

Our notebooks and journals come in different sizes and colours. You can even get a journal with vegan certified leather cover if you are so inclined.

All notebooks open completely flat, making them easy to use anywhere. The pages are lined, dotted or blank - choose your favourite.