Detailed page Diary


Keeping a diary is a wonderful way of collecting memories and thoughts. By using a stone paper diary from A Good Company your memories will be kept in a physical form, that will not accidentally be erased by pressing a button.

Writing by hand lets you reflect on things that happened, how they made you feel and your reactions in a way that tapping a keyboard never will. Keep your diary with you at all times and you will be able to catch a fleeting moment regardless of wifi coverage and record it for the future.

Future-proof paper

At A Good Company, the diaries come in bundles of three, making room for many notes and thoughts.

The diaries are in A6 size, making them small enough to take with you always and large enough to have room for all the big thoughts that come across your mind. Inside the cover of our diaries, you will find stone paper, which is an environmentally safe alternative to ordinary paper.

It is created using only eco-friendly and recycled products, helping our planet to be a better place in the future. When you use a stone paper diary, you future-proof both the Earth and your thoughts.