Bings x agood for #standwithukraine

Sofia and Anders from the Agood team recently went to Ukraine to help those impacted as a result of Russia's invasion. The purpose of the trip was to deliver essential medical supplies, food, and some of our products (hand sanitiser, crayons and toothbrushes), to the areas which needed critical help. This was all possible thanks to Agood Foundation, where 4% of the net price of each sale is donated to causes like this.

Their Trip 

On arriving at the refugee camp in Poland, it became clear to them that there was no need for goods at the camp itself as The Red Cross and multiple other big organisations were already there.

After speaking to Paracrew (a small Norwegian NGO), it was obvious that to make the biggest difference, the goods needed to get into Ukraine and onwards deep into the east of the country. Said and done! After 4 hours just to pass the border control, they arrived in Ukraine and met two Swedish heroes, who were working from inside Ukraine and would help them to deliver the goods. Over 80% were delivered in the first 24 hours and given to those who needed them the most. Bucha, Charkiv and Mariupol hospitals were just some of the places who got the supplies. Find out more about their trip to support Ukraine.

After Sofia and Anders saw first hand the effects of the recent conflict, it has driven us at Agood to do more for the people in Ukraine.

Welcome Bings x Agood for #standbyukraine


We are therefore creating a limited-edition collection to stand with Ukraine. We have partnered up with the Berlin based artist Fabienne Meyer (Bings) to create 3 different designs, available for our 100% plant-based mobile cases, stone paper notebooks and recycled steel bottles. The collection reflects on the trauma of the conflict and tries to take an optimistic view of what we hope can follow, as well as supporting those in need.

Each item will be sold for €35.99, €20 of which will be donated towards essential supplies. The goal with this collection is to raise 10,000 EUR and all the proceeds will go to different initiatives supporting the people in Ukraine including a trip similar to the one Sofia and Anders took part in earlier this month.

Thank you to all of you who buy products from us and helping us make a positive impact on people and communities.