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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Circular Magsafe Ring

Discover our unique MagSafe Ring – designed to last a lifetime! No more tossing it away with each new case or phone purchase. With a sleek new design to complement our clear case, this MagSafe Ring is not only high-strength with N52 magnets but also removable and super slim. Crafted from recycled materials, it aligns seamlessly with sustainability. The robust N52 magnets, a fusion of neodymium and iron, ensure long-lasting, degradation-resistant performance. Compatible with MagSafe accessories, our MagSafe Ring is the enduring solution you've been searching for.

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Magsafe ring

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1. What phone case models can our MagSafe ring be used on?

The agood MagSafe Ring is compatible with all iPhone 14 case models, providing a versatile and enduring magnetic solution, it is also available for use with iPhone 15 case models.

2. What makes the agood circular MagSafe Ring different?

Our Circular MagSafe Ring is the world's first of its kind, designed to last forever. There's no need to discard it when upgrading your phone or case. It comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring the longevity and performance of the MagSafe Ring, we are also providing the removable MagSafe ring in white & black colour variants.

3. What is agood MagSafe ring made from?

The ring features super-strong N52 high strength magnets made from bonding neodymium and iron. These magnets are known for their durability and resistance to natural degradation. It is rust-protected with a triple-layered coating, enhancing its durability and ensuring that it maintains its integrity over time. The process of making a ring that can move from case to case is far from easy, but well worth it, if you want to know more we encourage you to check out the magic behind the production of MagSafe rings.

4. How is agood MagSafe ring eco-friendly??

MagSafe Ring is 100% circular, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly product life cycle, it's packed in a stone paper envelope with the bamboo paper box used in packaging. It's also easily removable & reusable on other agood phone cases for iPhone 14 & 15 models, considering it has a lifetime warranty there is no need to by a new one once you replace your phone or a case.

5. What to do with your old agood MagSafe ring?

The Circular MagSafe Ring is considered electronic waste at the end of its life. We encourage responsible disposal and recycling of electronic waste to minimize environmental impact.

6. How long is the delivery of agood MagSafe ring?

The delivery usually takes from 1 to 4 days, customisations add 2-3 business days. It is done in climate compensated shipments with a goal in reducing the carbon footprint, shipped in stone paper packages. We ship our products world wide & a free shipping option is available for most of the countries.