A Good Silky Crayon

The idea behind our silky crayon is to replicate the feeling of a lipstick. As you may or may not know, lipsticks are a lot of fun to paint with. The colour in a lipstick packs a serious punch of pigments and flows smoothly. You can also paint in layers.

We’ll make our silky crayon in Spain. It’ll be like lipstick and come in 13 different gorgeous colours.

The packaging will be plastic-free and made from recycled cardboard. We’ll also print the carton in a non-toxic colour. To top it off, all the parts containing crayons will be recyclable.

The thirteen silky crayons will be CE-certified, gluten-free and toxin-free. If you apply water to the colour, it’ll act like watercolour.

    Stage and launch date

    • Failed

    Production information

    • About the material: Not hazardous to health, non-toxic pigments
    • Production type: Injection mould and cooking of crayon colours

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