agood Mobile Case

According to GSM data, over 5.2 billion mobile phones are live on earth. That means that 66% of the worlds population is having access to a mobile phone. 

Since most phones are relatively super expensive, both to purchase but also to repair, the market for protection cases are massive.

However, most of these cases are made from poor PP-plastic, covered in more bad PP-plastic and sent out without being mindful about the environment. We decided to stop this.

We have spent 9 months (so far) designing, testing and producing the worlds first climate-positive mobile case. Made in Sweden. From plants waste materials that are no GMO and 100% biodegradable.

Furthermore, we will even make each phone cases circular. 

Sketches and drawings

Mobile case

Production information

  • About the material: Our material is made only from waste from Hemp and Flax. We source it nearby our facility in Sweden by a farmer named Arvid.
  • Production type: Injection moulding

Popular phone cases