A Good Clay

Kids (and parents too) love sculpting with clay.

A Good Clay is a self-drying dough. You can shape it with your hands or with molds. The drying time depends on the thickness of the layers, but you have plenty of time to re-shape it. You can soften slightly dry parts with water. A Good Clay cracks far less than other market brands and lets you create more detailed work. It doesn’t contain gluten and can be painted and varnished.

  • Gluten-free
  • We’ll make the package recyclable

A Good Clay with a lot of hands

Sketches and drawings

Soon to come

Stage and launch date

  • In trialphase and test production
  • Spring-2019

Production information

  • About the material: Not hazardous to health and the nature
  • Production type: The worker makes the product according to the standard procedure. At the end of the process, one of our chemists checks that the quantity of the liquid part has the same ratio as the solid part. Additionally, the chemist will take a sample for storage in case of claims.

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