Detailed page 2020 planner

2020 Planner

If you haven’t already, you should really get yourself a 2020 planner. Soon the 2019 plans will start spilling into next year, and then it’s good to have a 2020 planner available. A Good Company offers several 2020 planners. And if you fancy the bullet point journal way of creating a planner on your own, we also have notebooks with dotted, blank or lined pages. They all open completely flat, making them easy to use. Writing on stone paper feels like nothing else. The paper is silky to the touch and withstands grease and water, making it a perfect companion for a fountain pen.

Environmentally Safe Planning

Well, we can’t promise that your planning as such will be environmentally safe, but at least we can provide eco-friendly and vegan certified planning material. The planners you will find at A Good Company are made from stone paper. To produce stone paper, no water, trees nor acids are needed. The plant is powered by solar cells on the roof. However, to us, eco-friendly is not enough. The products have to be of high quality and user-friendly as well. Stone paper planners and notebooks are just that - good for you and good for nature.