Apply as an ambassador

We are actively looking for outgoing people that share our vision of transforming from mindless consumption into conscious decisions, to join our vibrant ambassador programme.

 You get 10% and your community 10% discount per order. Cookie tracking is 20 days.



So, what does that mean in detail?

You will spread the word about us in your selected channels. In return, we’ll give out rewards in the form of cash, access to new products and an endless feeling of doing good. If you like us and would like to be on the very inside, apply to our Friends of A Good Company, Facebook Group or the mentioned affiliate programme.

I need a product to do promotion with

Great fill in the form below and we will be right back with a unique discount code for this purpose.


Free products?

The only thing we don’t do is to hand out loads of free products. We believe in being completely transparent, and this is a clear contrast from other companies (and a potential conversion killer for this programme), who has much of the content generated today, from not so transparent "product-for-post" cooperations and shady Paypal-payments. We genuinely believe that it’s a connection between paying something and thinking twice about just throwing away goods into the bin. And we need to be able to pay workers a fair amount and climate compensate the shipping. And we always reward you with cash (unless on your own orders, these are not commission based)

But, on the other hand, how many other companies address the world’s biggest challenge and have a sustainable plan for executing?