agood community: New Inspirational Platform for Conscious Living


22 August, 2019

A Good Company launches new platform to inspire conscious living and less mindless consumption.

Swedish sustainable & social impact startup A Good Company proudly announces the launch of a completely new platform with the specific intent to inspire more people to give up their lifestyle of mindless consumption and start taking more conscious decisions in their everyday lives.

The format will be a combination of editorial material and interviews with people with the ability to inspire change.

"One of the main ideas behind A Good Community is to inspire people to do more in their everyday lives. We know that not everyone can afford their own solar-panels or electric cars but we can all do something to contribute to a greener way of life.", says Anders Ankarlid, CEO of A Good Company.

For press enquiries please contact A Good Company’s Press Officer and Head of Communications Emilia Cullborg via email: or phone +45 31 20 37 40.

About A Good Company
A Good Company is a B-Corp Certified Swedish Sustainable & Social Impact Startup that creates sensible and sustainable everyday products without compromising on elegance and design. Our vision is to help people transform from mindless consumption into taking more conscious decisions. For more information visit