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Tree of Alchemy Placemat

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Protective melamine coating
Size: 28cm Diameter
Material: Eucalyptus, cork 
Digital print & backed in black baize
Matt Finish 
Heat-resistance to 140˚C
Made in UK
The Story of Tree of Alchemy
Ruby sat sunken into the trunk of the tree, she was engrossed in her book and was so content in that moment she could almost feel herself disappear into the tree. 
The sun rays trickled through the leaves and kissed her face with dabbled patterns. For a brief moment she was so lost in her book that she totally forgot where she was. The nosey world she lived in fell silent, time seemed freeze and she felt a blissful feeling of peace and calm. The tree held her close and tight, the air was warm on her skin and she felt protected by its roots. It was like she was being held tightly in her mothers arms.
Her mind started to wonder from her book she began to daydream about what it would be like if she was the tree, she imagined that when she was scared she live inside the trunk it would be dark and damp but she’d feel protected, and when she was feeling brave and strong she’d turn into the branches and spread them wide and tall.