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Set of 6 Opium Poppy Hexagon Placemats

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Protective melamine coating
Size: 28cm Diameter
Material: Eucalyptus, cork 
Digital print & backed in black baize
Matt Finish 
Heat-resistance to 140˚C
Made in UK 

The Story of Opium Poppy 
Ruby sat up from her nap, she had been lying in a meadow near the cattle sheds. She rubbed her eyes that were swollen and puffy, she had been crying before she had fallen asleep. Before her she saw a blanket of red poppies, in the short time she had fallen asleep hundreds more seemed to have flowered. She looked down at the matchbox in her lap, her heart broke, dearest little Otis, her pet mouse had passed away that morning and she had gone to the meadow to bury him. Otis was all she had from her old life and now he was gone she felt more lonely than ever before. The poppies blew in the breeze, there where bumblebees hard at work collection pollen from the array of flowers the meadow had to offer. Some tears streamed down Ruby’s cheeks as she began to bury her small fury friend, she covered the miniature gave with opium poppy petals and she lay there for what felt like a very long time.