Best eco-friendly phone case

Best eco-friendly phone case

What's the difference between A Good Mobile Case and other "eco-friendly" cases.

  • Designed and produced in Sweden
  • Made in a factory running on solar and hydro power 
  • We have a closed loop circularity system
  • Using only waste plants, non GMO from Sweden
  • Shipments are made in a stone paper box 
  • All shipments are climate-compensated
  • We plant one tree per order
  • Home compostable (many are saying compostable, but how many have a industry in the backyard?)
  • Biodegradable

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What are phone cases made from?

Conventional phone cases are always made of plastic.  

Where are eco-friendly phone cases made?

Many other so called "eco-friendly" cases actually produce their cases in China but leave that out of the marketing equation. If that is the case, the raw material needs to be shipped twice across the ocean. Check the retail packaging and ask details to this vendors.
Pela Case made in China

A video about our production