The Plastic-Free Store

30 October, 2019

During the evening of 29th November, Swedish sustainable & social impact startup A Good Company created an entire plastic-free store as part of an extensive activist campaign. 

The experiment was part of a project emphasising our collective plastic-dependency and is the first of its kind in Europe. A team of dedicated people spent the better part of the evening and night emptying an entire grocery store from all products wrapped in plastic. Early next morning A Good Company met with surprised and shocked customers to discuss everyday plastic use and what consumers and retailers can do to address the issue. 

"4671 of 5005 items were removed from the shelves, that is a shocking 93% of all products in the store.", says Anders Ankarlid, CEO of A Good Company.

The EU has voted to outlaw 10 single-use plastic items, including straws, forks and knives, by 2021. Targets are also in place for all plastic packaging, the top source of plastic waste, to be recyclable by 2030. 

The events of the evening as well as the reactions of early-morning shoppers was recorded in a video: watch it here.

For press enquiries please contact A Good Company’s Press Officer and Head of Communications Emilia Cullborg via email: or phone +45 31 20 37 40.

About A Good Company
A Good Company is a B-Corp Certified Swedish Sustainable & Social Impact Startup that creates sensible and sustainable everyday products without compromising on elegance and design. Our vision is to help people transform from mindless consumption into taking more conscious decisions. For more information visit