Outnumber us | Phone case climate footprint

We want to make our planet more sustainable. But we know we can’t win this fight alone.

We need our community but also our competitors. We need to push each other. That makes us and the Earth better.

But are they better? We don’t think so. We believe that our phone case is the most climate-friendly in the world. But we don’t know because hardly any of them show their numbers. We believe in transparency and think that’s the easiest way for consumers to understand and see the difference.

plant based phone cases

It’s also a jungle with different badges, calculating methods, and companies saying the same thing. Here we will try to sort everything out. What does eco-friendly even mean?

This is why we also created "agood dictionary" with all the words and phrases commonly used by agood company. For a clear understanding of the language we use. 

phone cases climate footprint

On behalf of agood company, ClimatePartner has calculated the carbon emissions for the product A Plant Based Phone Case, in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard (GHG Protocol). The calculation focuses on the processes that can be monitored by the producer.

Product life cycle with the breakdown according to lifecycle stages:

product life cycle

The underlying emission factors are derived from international databases, such as ecoinvnet or GEMIS. All greenhouse gases were taken into account for the calculation and are represented in carbon dioxide equivalents ( CO2e) for improved legibility and comparability.

Plant-based phone case emission sources and calculation:

phone case emission sources

470 vs 1 

Are our numbers any good?  We think so, but we have nothing official to compare them to.

phone case production

We tried to estimate what number a  ‘standard’ phone case could reach.  We used exactly the same methodology and here’s what we got.  If any brands out there have something different to share, we’d love to hear from them.

Try it yourself.

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