0% plastic.100% design.

Why compromise between design and sustainability?


0 % plastic. 100% design.
Why compromise between design and sustainability?

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Made with solar power

Made from plants in Sweden

100 % biodegradable and
home compostable

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Our fashion protective phone case is made in Sweden, from the linseed plants waste, grown by a local farmer just around the corner.

100% biodegradable and truly eco-friendly without compromising on design.

Loop it and get 10 € off your next case

We could have just left it there.

We managed to make phone cases with none of the traditional petroleum-based plastics that ruin our environment.
Why take it further? Because we want to go the extra mile. You see, we don’t want our phone cases to end up in the trash,
alongside all the other stuff that we throw. And our phone cases are quite easy to recycle.

They’re completely plant-based, and with a tiny bit of processing, you’re able to turn them into pellets again,
and feed these pellets into the moulding machine again. And make new phone cases. So that’s why we’re creating A Good Loop. A Good Loop is a circular loop system that lets you swap your mobile case for a new one—at any time and for any reason. Maybe you like a new design, maybe you got yourself a new phone? Just go ahead and trigger your swap. We’ll make sure to recycle your mobile case and make you a new one, for an €10 discount.

Great company with great values

"I'm a big fan of this company and their values. The products are
all amazing quality and the costumer service is quick and very
forthcoming. The shipping was fast and all the packaging eco-friendly.

I can strongly recommend this company and they are an amazing
eco-friendly option!"