Do you have a Store?

No however we do pop ups and various fairs on occasions across the UK, so keep an eye out on our social's for any coming up.

Why are you not shipping to the EU at the moment?

We are currently not shipping to the EU due to high cost and long delays at borders. We are working on this and will be fixing it very soon.

What if an item is labelled as out of stock?

We update the blurb on the product with the lead time for pre ordering if the product is not being discontinued.

If I would like to order a bespoke item but it is sold out how do I go about ordering one?

Get in touch at info@bellhutley.com for any queries.

Can you speed up delivery?

Yes, if you make a specific note or get in touch with us and say we will send it out special delivery and ensure that it arrives on time.