Blue Light Card Exclusive Offer

Welcome Blue Light Card members!

In a strategic collaboration, Blue Light Card, a discount service company dedicated to supporting the emergency services such as NHS, the social care sector, and armed forces, partnered with us, agood company, online store committed to sustainability and responsible production.

Blue Light Card offers its members exclusive discounts from a wide range of categories, and we fit perfectly with our wide range of everyday products made from high-quality materials and with the planet Earth on our minds. Together, we provide a platform where customers can save while making environmentally conscious purchasing decisions on everyday essentials such as mobile cases, thermal bottles, stone paper notebooks, and circular, organic clothing.

We offer a special 10% discount on our side too, for all Blue Light Card members.

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Fashion Line:

We've poured our heart and soul into creating this amazing circular fashion line for over two years. We've gone through the nitty-gritty details, carefully examining more than 800 potential partners, to ensure everything is right. Our main goal? Staying true to our values as a sustainable and socially responsible brand.


Mobile Cases and Accesories:

We've taken a bold step forward by addressing both concerns of plastic and single-use items, with a single solution: our innovative mobile case. Crafted right here in Sweden, our agood mobile cases are made entirely from plants, using the byproduct of organic linseed farming.


Notebooks and Journals:

Introducing the groundbreaking collection of climate-positive notebooks and journals made from recycled stone. Say goodbye to deforestation, wasted water, and harmful chemicals. Our innovative grainless pages offer an unparalleled, silky-smooth writing experience, while also being waterproof, tear-resistant, and wrinkle-free.



Discover our range of water bottles crafted from top-notch recycled steel. These bottles not only boast premium quality but also offer a lightweight and durable construction. To add convenience to your daily routine, they are finished with a dishwasher-friendly powder coating. The sleek and streamlined design of our water bottles ensures they hold enough liquid to keep you hydrated during an hour-long workout, and keep your coffee warm during a long train ride. 


Introducing our Natural Grass Pen, carefully crafted using a unique blend of meadow grass and a small amount of recycled BPA-free plastic. This pen is durable and refillable, ensuring it remains your trusted companion. The ergonomic triangular grip and premium quality nib provides a comfortable writing experience. Experience the difference between our Natural Grass Pen today.

Dental Products:

Introducing our naturally made and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic brushes, designed to enhance the aesthetics of any bathroom. The smooth handle effortlessly stays in your hand as you brush, providing a seamless experience. The perfect blend of style and functionality, make your daily routine a delightful one.

Toilet Paper and Kitchen Roll:

Our toilet and kitchen paper is made from sustainably sourced bamboo instead of trees. Unlike traditional tree harvesting, bamboo can be properly harvested without killing the plant. Within a few months, it sprouts back and can be harvested again in just a couple of years.


Make a statement about your eco-consciousness with our bamboo cutlery. Crafted from one of the most environmentally friendly materials available, bamboo. Bamboo's rapid growth rate and natural properties eliminate the need for hazardous chemicals or processes, ensuring a guilt-free dining experience.