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Frequently Asked Questions About  Multi-charging cable

Meet our Hyper-Fast Multi-Cable – the only cable you'll ever need! It charges super fast and works with different devices – Lightning, Micro USB, and USB-C. Plus, it's eco-friendly, made from recycled materials, and comes with a lifetime warranty, so it lasts forever. No more tangles, no more buying new cables – switch to our Multi-Cable for a simple, fast, and lasting charging solution!

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Multicharging cable

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1. For what devices can you use agood multi-charger cable?

The cable features a 3-in-1 design, compatible with Lightning, Type C, and Micro USB devices, it has a USB-C laptop, a lightning iPhone, and a Micro-USB for Android or wireless headphones, providing versatility for a wide range of gadgets. 

Pair it up with our magsafe ring made from high strength N52 magnet that can be used for lifetime to complete your iphone look.

2. What is agood multi-charger cable made from?

The agood multi-charging cable is made from recycled nylon and recycled BPA-free plastic, showcasing our commitment to a more sustainable future.

The materials are sourced from Sweden, it comes in a packaging envelope made from stone paper with a reusable velcro band. The cable is manufactured at our mobile cable factory using eco-friendly processes, seeking to reduce its footprint, they produce only on demand and source with quality at the highest priority.

3. What makes it different from the other chargers on the market?

The agood multi-charging cable comes with a lifetime warranty, it is designed to withstand frequent use, bending at least 13,000 times, providing exceptional durability for long-term use. It has a 3-in-1 design, supporting lightning, type C and micro USB meaning you can use one cable for a lot of gadgets, oh and did we mention, it’s fully made from recycled materials promoting sustainability simply with its existence.

The lifetime warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship. If you encounter any issues, simply contact us, and we'll provide a replacement, ensuring your satisfaction and the longevity of the product.

4. How is agood multi-charging cable eco-friendly?

We always knew that making a mobile cable was essential. Loads of cables are laying around in almost every home, leaving plenty of electronic trash and a massive overload of consumption.

By being made from recycled materials (recycled nylon and recycled BPA-free plastic), having a lifetime warranty, and using eco-friendly packaging (made from stone paper), our multi-charging cable is a sustainable choice, allowing you to invest in the future and simultaneously reduce electronic waste.

5. What is the length of agood multi-charger?

The cables come in a standard length of 1 meter, providing a convenient and versatile charging solution.

6. How fast can you charge your devices with it?

The cable supports hyper-fast charging at 3.1 amps, ensuring your devices are charged quickly and efficiently.

7. What to do with your old agood multi-charging cable?

The cable is considered electronic waste at the end of its life. We encourage responsible disposal and recycling of electronic waste to minimize environmental impact.

8. How long is the delivery of agood multi-charging cable?

The delivery usually takes from 1 to 4 days, customisations add 2-3 business days. It is done in climate compensated shipments with a goal in reducing the carbon footprint, shipped in stone paper packages. We ship our products world wide & a free shipping option is available for most of the countries.