A Good Paint

We agree paints are fun. But a lot of available products are not suitable for kids, the environment or you. We decided to halt that train and change everything from scratch.

A Good Paint is six colours. It is made from plants and has 100% natural ingredients.

Some other greeat benefits:
  • leftover paint can simply be poured down the sink
  • completely safe for children (they can eat it)
  • long shelf life
  • no waste thanks to the handy squeeze bottle and economical dosage cap

A Good Paint image

The products will be identified by the CE certification mark. These products comply with the strict requirements of the toy safety legislation, which also includes limitations for heavy metals. Additionally, our products also comply with REACH, the European legislation for chemical substances.

    Sketches and drawings


    Colours of A Good Paint

    Stage and launch date

    • In production
    • Spring-2019

    Production information

    • About the material: Natural ingredients
    • Production type: Made in The Netherlands

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