A chat with some of our ambassadors!

We decided to have a quick chat with a couple of our ambassadors to hear what it's like to work with us. We collaborate with content creators from all across the globe and here's what a few of them have to say about the partnership. Read on below!

Agood: Where do you live?

Domiziana: I live in the north of Italy, between Venice and Trieste.

Robin: In Stockholm, Sweden, where I've lived all my life.

Ilaria: In a town called Bari on the Italian East Cost.

Priscila: I live in Aberdeen, in Scotland. 

Agood: Priscila, you are a content creator and youtuber, tell us how you found Agood?

Priscila: I actually found Agood through a big content creator: Alfie Deyes, can't quite remember if it was through his Instagram or Youtube channel.

Agood: Ilaria, as a content creator, what do you look for in a brand when you collaborate?

Ilaria: I always look for honest brands and a bonus is definitely if they have biodegradable or recyclable products. 

Agood: Domiziana, how did you find Agood? 

Domiziana: I found Agood's profile on Instagram and I started following it because I’m really into sustainability too and I love to support brands with the same ethic and mission as I have.

Agood: What is a "normal" day in your life? Maybe even before the pandemic..?

Domiziana: Before the pandemic I was attending University, so basically I used attend my classes and then hang out with friends or have a walk in the beautiful Venice where I was living at that time. I graduated in July 2020 and now my life is between one lockdown and another working on my laptop and taking picture for instagram which is actually one of the few fun things I can still do that I really enjoy.

Agood: Priscila, which products have you tried?

Priscila: So far I have tried the A5 hardcover notebook in dusty pink and can't wait to try more Agood products!

Agood: What did you think about them?

Priscila: I love the notebook and the values Agood stands for! The notebook feels high quality, with velvety smooth pages and cover, with the added bonus of being waterproof! Can't really ask for much more than that! I did a detailed review of the notebook on my Youtube channel if you would like to have a look!

Agood: Robin, what's it like collaborating with us?

Robin: Compared to other collaborations I have done, this one feels very personal! We use DMs on Instagram to talk about the ambassadorship and I really feel like the team working with me is engaged in the content that I create - and that I help support the mission of Agood.

Agood: Can you describe how your average collaboration with us works, for those who are curious?

Robin: Sure! After I found Agood and had followed the company for a while on Instagram, I saw that you guys were looking for brand ambassadors so I applied through your community page.

Then your team reached out to me via DMs on Instagram and explained a bit more about the partnership and how the discount codes and commission works (you get more commission if you contribute to making a sale!). Then I got to pick the product that I'd most like to promote and just leaned back to wait for it to arrive so I could get creative! 

Are you interested in working with us? Check out our ambassador community page here!