Our design philosophy

Our design philosophy

It all starts with looking at what products people use...

Our take on things is that you have to start with what you as an individual or a company can do/change/stop doing. We start with looking at what products are currently out there and being used by people on a massive scale. Then we see if any of these products are made from materials harmful to the environment or to humans.

The next step is to see if we could make them in a different design and material to make them better for the environment and humans, to provide alternatives to people that are trying to change their behaviour/lives for the better. We want to be part of making it easier for people to make better choices.

After we've determined this, we make sure that we can produce these products in a responsible and better way than the average product within that category is being produced (work ethics, work environment, safety, solar power, water waste treatment, recycling overshare etc). Once this is confirmed, we start production and then use packaging that is either in stone paper or recycled cardboard. Then comes the shipping, we only use partners that have a full plan to decrease carbon emissions and who in turn work with offsetting their emissions.

Stage 1 - Fantasy to creation

At the first stage in our design process, we think hard about the future. What do we want tomorrow to look like, what type of products will our customers be using, and how can we go about creating these products in the most environmentally friendly way possible?

When we arrive at a core idea, our design team begin to draw, sketch and fantasize.

Stage 2 - Finding a supplier

The next step in the process is to turn our imagination into reality.

That stage starts when our sourcing team in Hong Kong and Stockholm start to contact factories, attend fairs and visit potential suppliers. We always disregard suppliers that can’t support our Code of Conduct, or that can’t provide enough evidence and proof about their manufacturing processes or how they obtain their raw materials.

As we find a suitable supplier that we confidently know shares our values and our philosophy, we let them make a smaller sample collection that we take back to Stockholm, Sweden, for iteration and improvements.

Stage 3 - Production to go live

We produce our products and we import them without ever using middlemen. As soon as the product has been produced by our supplier, it’s available to purchase on www.agood.com. All our products are checked for quality on location at our suppliers and at our fulfilment center, before they are sent to you.